The Luregame rod series is suggested by the HTO as an entry level rod, that can be used by middle and beginner fishermen with lure baits. Here we will see the lightest of the series with c.w. 5-25g

The Luregame series counts 4 models with different length and c.w. The model MH 9'6 "(2.93m) long and 10-50 c.w. M model  with a length of 9'0" (2.74m) and c.w. 10-40, and the model ΜL with length 8'6 "(2.62μ) and c.w. 8-35. The prod we had in our hands is characterized as L and is the smallest model with length 8'0" (2.43m) and c.w. 5-25g.

As we see in the series of rods, it does not simply change the c.w. but also their length designed to cover a wide range in fishing with lures, from light to heavy spinning.



The 5-25 is a rod with 2.43m length measured by us, and 1.25m. closed for transport. Its weight is 156 grams, at about the average of his class. The distance of the reel seat to the end of the butt is 32 points giving us a very good handle for twitching and jerking. The reel seat is from HTO and screws underneath with a large eva piece, not just a ring.

Just above the handle there is a stainless lure holder, very helpful for hanging the lure without damaging the guides. The guides are stainless with a big first and smaller ones the rest of them.

The paint of the blank is black with stainless rings to break the monotony on the handle and the red logo of the company stands out in the trunk. Not very simple but not too loaded.

The first impressions.

When it was time to match it with a reel I decided to put a Shimano Catana 2500 with a PE 1 braid, a reel also for beginners. Indeed i discovered in the next sessions that matched perfectly in terms of weight and in size.

The handle has the right length to work hard and wtd type lures without our weariness. The right weighing was also shown in jerks with the rod tip high and really amazed me pleasantly for a rod of this category.


Response to lures

The first thing that came to my mind when i hold it was its behavior in the four main categories of fishing lures. Minnow, wtd, soft bait and jigs. I also tried fishing for squid, but it was not designed for such use, and the information that came to the tip from the squid jig was poor. There is no point in extending it further. Minnow had a very good attitude, and casts ranging from 8 to 23 grams went well beyond his seemingly short length.

In twiching has enough butt strength to properly change its direction and in continuous reeling you have the characteristic trembling from the wobble, the shake of the tail right and left. In soft baits now from 7 to 20 grams you have a perfect feelling, whether with a straight tail or a shad, such as the Artic Eel of the HTO where 10 grams made the difference in fishing near the bottom.

Jigs & wtd

With metal jigs now is working well from 5 to 15 grams. I tried it several times with 20 grams but I does not have the strength to hit them correctly so with continued reeling was one way road and the strike came there.

But where it showed its true character was with wtd. Whether it's 7.8g of the little Glide or Canine's 26g, it has no problem both casting them and working them. And when I mean working them I mean the right-left and not just skipping.

Behavior in the battle.

Here I also felt the second surprise holding the Luregame in my hands. In bottom fishing i could  safely raise the fish from their hiding places, such as groupers, which after a quick photo returned back to the sea. Οne evening we came across Mediterranean barracudas and with its progressive bent quickly tired the fish almost without the reel brakes to work.


On top of all was the fight with a nice false albacore and as you will see in the video below. The rod had a reserve of power so that it would turn it around and bring it  relatively easily and without any loss of my confidence in the outcome of the battle.


General Conclusions.

I think the word honest is the most typical to describe Luregame. If we want a rod that does it all there is not and we certainly will not look for it in this price class below 100 euro's. It is a rod that we can fish with the most coastal hunters of the Greek sea, such as barracudas, seabass and tunnies, and also use it with lighter baits for fishing e.g. horse mackerels.

It gives the answer to the beginner's question, what rod to choose, putting him in the fishing world with lures on the right bases. A mild character without being technically difficult, like a very long or very nervous tip, will become a reliable companion in our fishing! As its name it is great for luregame!


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