Usually when we start lure fishing we want a rod to do it all ... A few hard lures, a few soft lures, some squid jigs... a multi tool. This time we will talk about a specialized rod, HTO Rockfish Revolution ... the rod that will put us to the world of Heavy Rock Fishing!

A rod with a special character could have nothing else but a special look. Rockfish Revolution is a classic Spartan warrior. Black blank, with black Fuji guides and black soft Eva ... prepare  for hard battles !!

A silver tie up of the top guides, logos and the ring that holds the mechanism are breaking the black colour. The reel seat locks the reel upwards tightly, without unscrewing problems, and without the need for a second ring back. Below the seat, the blank is naked with the model clearly visible, and finally an eva piece, very useful and soft to snap into the armpit. The plug ends with the well-known red fish of HTO.

The joint of the  two pieces of the blank  is made with a spigot that secures well, and just before the reel seat  there is a lure holder for moving with the lure without damaging the guides. Its weight is 143 grams and its length is 2.35 meters. The overall picture is a well-designed rod, simple in appearance and serious look.

As we have already said, Rockfish Revolution does very well what it's designed to do, not a bit of everything. What are these; The rod will work perfectly with the top water category of 15 to 28 grams but also minnows and vibrations in these grams. But soft lures are its food and its dessert are minnows! In heavy soft lure, it truly excels with unparalleled sensation especially when fishing in deep water!


Ιts  very strong blank and the nervous tip gives us the possibility of very good casts even if our lure has not a good balance. It is also very good in metal jigs but with a weight of 10 to 22 gr. Squid jigs are just ... an emergency solution! It  does not feel them at all because it is very nervous and lacks any tolerance at the tip.

Always when I try a rod I have two things in my mind. First, I see how it responds to all the lures  and conditions. Then, having distinguished its character, I concentrate there. So with the Rockfish Revolution, when I realized what I had to do, I stopped experimenting and then concentrate in its  assets. First of all it has a very good hook up. There is no way to escape fish after hooking it. Even barracudas  caught from the last treble and at the edge of their mouths will very hardly escape. It happened to us a few times and no one escaped. The tip of the rod keeps lure and line under tension, giving us confidence in the fight with the fish.

For the same reason, it is also impeccable with soft lures in deep water. And that is very good because we have a single hook and the bigger depth usually bent too much "all round" rods. Not Revolution. HTO gives it for 5-21 and I fished it from 4 to 28 grams (HTO Canine is the heaviest artificial I put). I would personally call it 7-25 as these are the ideal grams that fishes.


Conclusion: If we want a rod to make a little of everything there is Luregame in this category. But if we have already settled for what we want, and we are asking for a strong blank  to play medium lures without spending a fortune then Rockfish Revolution is our choice. Lightweight well-designed and excellent quality really does what it promises. Rock Fishing!


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