By John Kasapoglou

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art, one where the practitioners use its various moves to defeat their opponent while also protecting their opponent from injury. Our Aikido rod concept brings this philosophy to the lure angler, a range of rods designed with actions to cater for the increasing amount of anglers who practice catch and release in fishing.

The new HTO braids have reached global market for some time now. But it's been over 1.5 year that the company has been constantly testing various braids to put its logo on. And the effort has paid off! Let's go and see them.

By George Boukis


The HTO company, since it came to our country Greece, has been loved by anglers of lure fishing  technique and its branches. The key factor is quality and price for this success. In this article we will deal with the "most complete" series of rods ...

HTO's most complete rod line is called NEBULA and will provoke "cloudy" reactions as it can stand next to rods that cost twice or even three times as much money.

Light rock fishing in Greece has been combined in our minds with fishing for predator fish hunting near the surface and mostly in day. Usually the first targets are mackerels in harbors and fish is what will drive a fisherman to deal with lrf. But if we stay there we will lose all the essence of the technique, which is that you can target almost all kinds of fish, day and night!

From John Kasapoglou

It's been a while since the HTO series Urban Finesse Rods has been released in our country. The series follows the same logic that HTO stands in the eyes of consumers, and that is value for money. They are bringing us rods and products that are truly worth their money.

With so many miles of coastline it was a matter of time lure fishing to be spread in our country. Now you can find anglers in every corner of Greece, from rocks to harbors and beaches. In each place and depending on the season, we will work different lures.

When I decided to involve with lrf (Light Rock Fishing), I was fishing for some time with lures. In Greece, things were pretty much embryonic, and only George Fenerlis had written some things about it.

Βy John Kasapoglou

One of the first things a fisherman concern is the transportation of all kinds of equipment. It makes sense for companies to suggest different solutions. One of these is Tronix's Rucksack, HTO mother company.

Usually when we start lure fishing we want a rod to do it all ... A few hard lures, a few soft lures, some squid jigs... a multi tool. This time we will talk about a specialized rod, HTO Rockfish Revolution ... the rod that will put us to the world of Heavy Rock Fishing!