Being a child means you live your happiest years. Starting fishing is one of the things that are deeply drawn into your mind. In lure fishing however, you had to compromise with equipment made for adults. Not anymore! HTO FlikStik is here to stay!

Why FlikStik?

When it comes to children, we have to put ourselves in their place. Can I cast with 6 meters of lure rod? Can I feel my hard or soft baits? Does it give me pleasant moments  in proportion to its weight? If not, how we expect a child of 1 meter to feel the same with us holding a rod of 2.5-3 meters. That very need came to cover the HTO FlikStik, a rod to properly inject our fishing mate into the world of lure fishing and lrf especially, and not just to spend the time with troubles.

Πλανάκια μέχρι 10γρ τα δουλεύει άψογα!


The total length of the HTlik FlikStik is 1.35 meters, with a single piece of blank and 7 low profile guides on the blank. The reel seat  is 26 cm from the end of the rod and screws from top to bottom. Stylistically very carefully with orange and black dye on the blank, orange bindings of the guides and orange metal rings to frame the soft eva material at the end of the rod.


Its weight is 80 grams and fits with very small weight and size of 500 to 1000. Personally, I put a Shimano Sienna 1000 with PE 0.6. You will ask me why not a monofilament fishing line but this is a personal choice and either with mono or with braid  it will be fine!



First of all, lets  clarify something. The rod  is not designed for 4-kilos seabass and 3-kilo barracuda. But that did not stop my curiosity about what it can do, and especially what a child feels when it holds it. So I gave up all the other rods at home and I spent several hours fishing to have an in-depth view.

The result pleasantly surprised me! The first shot was also a shock as I waited the bending of a 2 piece rod . But it actually behaves like a stick like its name says! And while it is strange for  us, it is not the same with our little friends who do not have our own comparison and start out with white paper!

The second shock was the sense of the lures. I still think that I hold the braid in my hands. It works precisely with soft baits and quite well the hard ones and jigs. Even with squid jigs it went well! It does not work well in wtd and poppers because of the one-piece blank. But of course it was not  the characteristics that the company wanted to give, but we also do not have the requirement in the first steps of our children to work walk the dog.


The opinion of the experts!

As you would understand, it went through many hands so that I can see it in live conditions and have as much information as possible. So I asked all the kids who were fishing for it, and especially my son, who is now his main tool what are their thoughts! Everyone has a good impression on the length of it and the easy casts it makes. They had very good information about where the bait was when it was at the bottom (soft baits were the main bait). And finally, the hook up without the trouble of length or weight. This brought more smiles as the lost fish were much less and the releases much more!

New world!

It is very difficult for companies to find the golden line between high utility and low cost. The rod for children is for limited time use. Even so, HTO with FlikStik offers a right designed rod at an impressively low price so that children or even women who want to spend some quality time next to us can enjoy it fully and happily for us to want and another taste of this brand new world!

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