Light rock fishing in Greece has been combined in our minds with fishing for predator fish hunting near the surface and mostly in day. Usually the first targets are mackerels in harbors and fish is what will drive a fisherman to deal with lrf. But if we stay there we will lose all the essence of the technique, which is that you can target almost all kinds of fish, day and night!

All coins have two sides. So we have things that suit us, and we love fishing for and things that are distressing  and we have to be careful. On the day the greatest advantage is the  light itself. You generally see hunting around you, much easier and far farther. You see to change a lure or a new leader.


Your shadow frightens the fish less. Also in day is safer and you have more comfortable access to rocks. The disadvantage of the day especially in the summer is nothing but the heat. A hat, sunscreen and at least one liter of water for a two- three hour fishing are not only necessary but imposed.

In the evening, things are being reversed. Darkness makes it difficult for us to move, and in combination with the noise that is more easily perceived, makes us behave like someone ... sleeping beside us! Another curse is the mosquitoes, while security demands that we have a company. But the sea breeze make our fishing an experience that charges our batteries for a long time, and the few people are not disturbing us.


The fish we target is almost the same day and night with few exceptions.  Seabass, horse mackerels, barracuda, stripped seabream or bluefish  (if it keeps the place) we will find them all the time. Leerfish, garfish and mahi-mahi will give us beautiful fights in the morning mainly hours. Squid and cuttlefish in the evening can give a different touch to our fishing. while cuttlefish can fish them also in the morning. Cuttlefish are giving the opportunity to young children to experience with fun and get to know the technique.


Lures and colors

For lures my personal view is that it is best to have a few and different categories, rather than a lot of one category. Minnow is a classical category with many representatives from each company. Small Surfaces like poppers and walk the dog are mostly my fetish, with soft lures coming immediately afterwards and can be used in endless variations. A paddle with continuous retrieve near the surface, is a meal that will hardly defy any fish. Likewise, a shrimp in the bottom, with a few light jerks in the bottom of our tip, will trigger the bite!


But the attack on a walk the dog lure at dawn, and the battle that follows is one thing that you never forget! The rod tip down if we are in a harbor or horizontal on the beach, small bumps with the wrist to make left-right in the surface and everything can happen ... day and night! As far as colors are concerned, I have a preference for the most earthy in the morning and more subtle in the evening. Of course this does not mean that we will not have success and with the upside! Pay more attention to the retrieve, and then the colour. I repeat these are personal observations and your tests will show you what fish prefer to your place!


Greece and the world Now with the rapid spread of light game and the mentality that brings with it, for example, of catch and release, companies are not just make a lure. They feature full ranges such as DUO's Tetra Works, STORM Gomoku, the RAPTURE Light & UL range, as well as accessories such as smaller lip grip and single hooks for fewer injuries and safer fish releases. In equipment many Light Rock rods are sold in the Greek market, from economics to diamonds for decoration over the fireplace. The usual casting weight starts from 0.5-5 to 2-10 as well as here we follow the Japanese inventors of the technique. But Europeans have so much loved the technique they make many and remarkable rods like HTO. Also small-sized 1000-2000 reels are fine and will fit the thin braid we use. What we must be careful about are the  linear brakes and spare parts from the dealer so that if something is wrong we have support and we do not have to throw it away.


From other accessories we can say that we need a reliable headlight for the evening. The extra batteries in the bag, especially when fishing on rocks will solve problems. Fishnet must be beside us both day and night.  A fishing partner with the same philosophy with us, that is keeping the space we fish clean and the small fish released is essential to have fun. Tight lines everyone!