From John Kasapoglou

It's been a while since the HTO series Urban Finesse Rods has been released in our country. The series follows the same logic that HTO stands in the eyes of consumers, and that is value for money. They are bringing us rods and products that are truly worth their money.

The series has three different models. The 1.98m | 0.5-5g which is the Benjamin of the range. The medium 2.10m 2-12g and finally the heaviest 2.10m | 4-17g. Everything is painted in trendy urban camo. In the first two, the pattern is followed in the soft eva of the handle and only the 4-17 eva is black.

All 8 guides are low-profile K-type painted black, with an orange touch at the top to break the monotony. The reel seat is different with two different types. In the small and mid-size model it consists of two pieces that visually leave the reel in the air and screw from the bottom! In the larger model it is more classic VSS and screws from above.

All three models are tubular but they are so delicate that at first I thought they were solid! But the blank is tight enough so they create a harmonious set up.


I was lucky enough to fish with two of the three models in the series. The lightest and the heaviest. 0.5-7 is a lilliputian rod, unbelievably light. It is designed for fishing with lightweight soft lures at the bottom and much less for metal jigs and hard lures. The information we have in our hands is so immediate that it take some time to get used to..

But 4-17 is another story. Much faster to tip, it works comfortably of all kinds of lures, from surface to soft ones without any problems. Ideal for mackerel and sea bass fishing, really very relaxing.

But where I didn't expect it to feel so good was in the squid fishing. Having been fishing with LRF rods for many years, the 4-17 feels just as good at the 2 size egi but also very good at the 3 size which is the most common . What we lose from the distance we gain it from tip information we have.

 In conclusion an economical range of rods that we will thank for both their light weight and their behavior.

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