Pleasant news indeed for all those who are involved in LRF and lure fishing in general, as another company specializing in these techniques, the English HTO, is now officially in Greece represented by Akis Tiniakos Fishing Store.


HTO is a brand name that engages in fishing with artificial baits in both salt and fresh water, through its parent company Tronix Fishing. Tronix was founded in 2007 by George Cunningham, who runs it until now. The fanatic fisherman, spotted a gap in the UK market between expensive and very cheap equipment and decided, starting from his garage (!), to offer worth for money products that are on the same time reliable and tested. The products he has created relate to surfcasting under the name Tronix Pro and those related to fishing with artificial baits run under the name HTO.

maxresdefaultThe impressive thing about HTO is that it has managed to create a range of LRF products that would be envied by much larger companies. Rods and reel, soft and hard artificial baits, lead heads and jigs are some of the products we'll get to know better in the future. Even jars with soft baits in aromatic liquid for fishing on the bottom aiming on gilthead bream, sea bream, striped bream etc.!

Name-1024x682The main reason that the company is embraced by all European fishermen is that one can buy cheap but get something that pays off 100% in fishing. Smart selection of baits, large Range of rods (mainly for LRF) with incredible choice in c.w. but also in a solid or tubular tip and also a number of useful accessories for our fishing. The price-quality relationship characterizes HTO's products. Those who want to choose the top seabass Shore Game rod will have something in hand that can compete Japanese models of the same caliber!

hto1Many of the company's products are already on the dealer's shelves at really impressive low prices, helping newcomers to equip themselves without spending a fortune. For example the best-selling starter rod for the lure fishing technique called "Hooligan" and at a cost ... of only 45 euros!!

fb_hto_ENThe same pricing policy will remain even after the completion of the range according to Akis Tiniakos, and this -in itself- is a good reason to test the HTO products in the Mediterranean waters! There are currently a lot of products available but the whole range will soon be near you!!