The season for squid and cuttlefish for shore fishing has started and the renewal of our arsenal is one of our main concerns. But especially for those who are fishing with light equipment,an efficient squid jig is a headache. Not anymore!

The new squid jigs from HTO by the name "Ika Hunter" are here at the shop of Akis Tiniakos, giving us a great advantage in cephalopod fishing. The size we 'll find is at 2.5 #, probably the best size for their fishing.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt has a length of 10.5 points and is made of a transparent plastic body, lined with a shining fabric in sparse braid. This has the effect of passing through the light and the colors of the natural environment, giving it a look of chameleon! But the real use of the skin-fabric is when the squid or the cuttlefish, touch the squid jig. Its texture gives them the sensation of the fish scales so... the strike is certain!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAConstructively at the front there is a fixed wire for connection with our snap. On the base of it ties the cloth. There is a large, red-and-black eye, distinct between the other pale colors. Behind follows the brown wings.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Below is the well attached sinker with two very useful holes that we can add weight for use in streams or deeper water. At the back is now a reflective tape and the hooks are followed. Double-edged and well-sharpened, they have a reflective plug in their finish.

ika_hunter3Their weight is 10 grams, ideal for use in Lrf rods, as well as all light egi or lure rods. Three colors are available are three and all have a luminous tape in the tail : GLO Shirmp, Prawn & Shrimp. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The HTO series of squid jigs comes to give another arrow to our quiver in search of cephalopods, while its low price is a great trump!