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Tackle and Lure Bag from HTO!

The need to transfer lures and various accessories is  basic as the rod itself with our reel. This  need is here to be covered by the Tackle and Lure Bag

Lure Fishing

Another adventure with SNECON 90s

I believe every spinner found himself wondering…. will this lure work? Which one is the “proper way” to use it?? and many more that comes to our mind. This is


LRF micro Jighead – Dragon V-Point X-Fine

In LRF there is always an urgent issue : finding a jighead that will make sure our baits make the best out of their potential in the water and that


HTO Ika Hunter squid jig – egi

The season for squid and cuttlefish for shore fishing has started and the renewal of our arsenal is one of our main concerns. But especially for those who are fishing



In 2015 BlueBlue posted on YouTube’s channel, the first video for SNECON, to present it to us. It’s a spectacular video that includes live attacks from Japanese bass, using a


Magbite Upper Cut : the revolutionary jighead!!

How many times have the fish gulped our tiny softbait violently but have never been caught? It has happened to me several times when fishing with the LRF technique, so


HTO in Greece at Akis Tiniakos Fishing Store!

Pleasant news indeed for all those who are involved in LRF and lure fishing in general, as another company specializing in these techniques, the English HTO, is now officially in