In 2015 BlueBlue posted on YouTube’s channel, the first video for SNECON, to present it to us. It’s a spectacular video that includes live attacks from Japanese bass, using a waterproof camera below the water, thus fully demonstrating its features and, above all, its immaculate “S” motion even in very strong streams.

As a fanatical fan of Wading technique, from the moment I watched this video, my mind started imagining SNECON’s to my Wading fishing trips. I was looking forward to testing it in our own Mediterranean seabass. At some time I was given the opportunity to get it. So my wish had become reality.


snecon5First of all I would like to start with the features that SNECON has and the purpose it was created. So it was built by BlueBlue to fool the huge bass-sized fish in Japan. The goal was to create an “S” movement like the one as the Jointed Lures (split hard baits) but with a cast like Sinking Pencils. SNECON has been constructed so that it does not lose this particular movement even in very strong currents like for example when fishing in a river.

snecon4In most videos the BlueBlue Testers use it in rivers that have very strong currents. To accomplish that it has a characteristic bulge at the top of his head, right in the middle, which gives outstanding balance to the lure. The SNECON 130S has a length of thirteen centimeters and a weight of twenty three grams with two quality tremble hooks ST-46 type in size # 3. It’s younger brother, SNECON 90S, is nine centimeters in weight, weighing fifteen grams, and is equipped with two ST-46 tremble hooks of type # 6. Finally, both have Sinking buoyancy.

Field report

snecon3I tested it with the technique of wading in estuary rivers but also inside the rivers where there was a strong current, on shallow beaches with scattered seaweed and on beaches that form some abstaining fishing directly on it. I also tried it in boat fishing and finally under the bridge of Rio-Antirio. It is worth mentioning that most of the areas are close to Attica.

snecon2The equipment I had for the testing was the light APIA Foojin AD Metro Knight 86lx and the strongest Zenaq Defi Plaisir DP93 in combination with the Daiwa Certate 2510pe-h and the Shimano Twinpower 4000mg. I did this in order to have a better understanding of both the SNECON 130S and the 90S.

snecon9Started with the tests, I was completely satisfied with the casts that I achieved with both, as the company has achieved a very good balance, giving it the absolute aerodynamic in the air. The only observation about SNECON 130S is that the DP93 achieves easy casts. while Metro Knight was suffering by its large body. So to get 100% of excellent cast I would recommend to you a rod with a Lure Weight of 10-30 grams at least.

snecon8It was time for me to see with my own eyes this “mysterious” S movement. I confess that I was impressed, because without difficulty it succeeded with a simple, constant retrieve. A special move I’ve never seen before in an artificial lure. I think it is a great asset in difficult fishing spots to use an artificial as SNECON that its movement is unusual in the eyes of the fish. It will stimulate their curiosity more easily, which is enough to attack. Especially when we talk about the sea bass.

snecon6After several trials and many experiments in different weather conditions both during the day and at night, I end up with two different swimming actions. The first was the simple steady retrieve. The only difference between the day and night was the speed I choose each time. During the night, low retrieve speeds were very good, while moderate to fast retrievals were more effective during the day. The other swimming action was fishing with a lot of jerks so that SNECON moves a little faster by doing erratic side-to-side movements while immediately after some jerks, instantly stop and let it rest for a few seconds.


snecon7The continuous experimentation is what makes lure fishing the N1 one fishing method all over the world. So we break down the trivialities by increasing the chances of getting confronted with what we have in mind : the big fish! With perseverance and patience everyone can succeed. In this effort, SNECON appears to be our ally because its greatest trumpet is its unusual movement into the water. Its ways of moning under the water are so simple but with little imagination they become complicated. I personally loved SNECON. I hope so, you too!!



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