Magbite Upper Cut : the revolutionary jighead!!

Magbite Upper Cut : the revolutionary jighead!!

How many times have the fish gulped our tiny softbait violently but have never been caught? It has happened to me several times when fishing with the LRF technique, so I always wanted to find the sharpest hook … This worry belongs to the past since I first saw the jigheads of the Japanese brand Magbite named “upper cut jighead & upper cut feel”!!



Unsurpassed Performance on Sea Bream related species!

What makes the difference in the case of this jighead is the innovation of the hook’s tip! It is curved upwards as opposed to the rest of the jigheads where the tip is actually a flat continuation of the whole hook. In fact, the whole structure helps hook up the fish more easily from the upper jaw while they suck the bait and get ready to spit the water out of their mouths.

magbite6Studies have shown that this type of hook is much more effective and can penetrate the jaws of the fish without effort from the angler ; without the need for extreme hooking power. We also have fewer hook-outs during the battle. All of these studies were conducted on Japanese rockfish species, which means they can also stand for the corresponding Mediterranean fish.

pc20jsfgMy own fishing experience has shown that they are ideal for sea breams, especially for one of them: the Gilthead Seabream! This kind of fish is, I believe, the hardest to catch, that’s why upper cut is the only ally against its suspicious bites. In other types of fish, it just makes our lives easier!
The difference between the two types lays only the shape of the jighead. The “upper cut jighead” is hydrodynamic, ideal for fishing in all depths with emphasis on the realistic darting movement of the softbait. Concerning the “upper cut feel” type, things are completely different. The eliptic ball-shaped body creates resistance in the water, and consequently, vibrations in the body of our softbait thus resulting in its more eccentric presence in the eyes of the fish.

Also, this resistance gives us a better sense of the bait, hence his name: “feel”! Personally I prefer it for fishing near the bottom and with biodegradable baits or creatures.

pckjjasshdadhsFinally, the amazing variety in different weights and hook sizes will not let any LRF fanatic down. In fact, the “upper cut jighead” is available in three sizes of hooks: # 6, # 8 & # 10 and in size: 0.5g / 0.8g / 1.0g / 1.2g / 1.5g & 2.0g.



magbite7On the other hand, the “upper cut feel” is available in two sizes of hooks: # 8 & # 10 and in size: 0.5g / 0.8g / 1.0g & 1.5g. All packages contain five pieces and their price is exquisite compared to competitive brands. A “Made in Japan” jighead that can provide solutions in every difficult case!!

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