LRF micro Jighead – Dragon V-Point X-Fine

LRF micro Jighead – Dragon V-Point X-Fine

In LRF there is always an urgent issue : finding a jighead that will make sure our baits make the best out of their potential in the water and that when we hook – we hook the fish securely. X-fine jigheads by Dragon are a perfect way to go, a sure path towards a correct bait presentation and a perfect hook-on every time…

There are a lot of options out there concerning jigheads. Mediterranean species such as the family of sargonides (sargus diplodus, sparus auratus, sondyliosoma cantharus etc) are well known for their small, hard mouths. These fish – strained as they are by the continuous fishing- have evolved a very suspicious attitude: they keep inspecting the bait, biting it reluctantly until the final (if ever) decisive strike. A jighead of quality is truly needed there. You usuallyget one chance to go.
x-fine1V-point jighead series by Dragon was drawn the attention of anglers all over Europe due to its incredible material and design quality in every softbait technique. For those particularity interested in LRF, X-fine is a true innovation that one needs to pay attention to.
x-fine2In “Lurebites” these jigheads have been tested by our field testers in a variety of places and species in Greece, and for a long period of sessions. We tested them bottom down using biodegradable lures, we tested them higher up in the water column using small shads and fish like silicon lures. We managed to get a grip of a variety of fish.
x-fine3x-fine8We testified that in comparison with everything else we had ever used these jigheads were truly different and indeed better in many ways. Personally I esteem a jighead when it shows its value in difficult “spots” such as in a hard sargus mouth or in a soft horse mackerel’s lips. In such occasions the hook on and the grip was –I can easily guess- even ten times more effective that anything I had ever used… There is a very solid explanation for this.
x-fine_enFirst : Dragon uses an Aderdeen-type hook made of Hi-Cardon steel that ensures both endurance and an ever-sharp tip. Such hooks are extremely reliable even after heavy use in tight spots and even after numerous hook-ons. What is even more impressive are the two incisions on hook’s arm that are there –counterpoised- to get a firm grip on the soft lure in order that it doesn’t slip off.
x-fine10 x-fine9That means that the lure stays put on the hook even after bite after bite. That gives us time to work the lure in the water, to tempt more and bigger fish and to hook them up when they decide to be terminally aggressive!
x-fine7 x-fine5There is ever more to that. The shape of this jighead is oval, it’s lead is nickel-plated and it is placed with precision just above the hook. What impressed me is that due to this shape the jighead was less likely to snuggle, get tangled on the bottom and get lost for ever as so many jigheads of ours in the past…It makes one feel comfortable to use even in a rocky, full of obstacles and traps bottom…
x-fine12 x-fine6The jighead comes in various sizes of hooks set in similar heads in order that we can use all small and medium sized softbaits. Check the following chart to get an idea of its wide variety.

x-fine-pinakas_ENx-fine11X-Fine stands worthy of its name as a “fine” jighead and simply continues a fine tradition of quality fishing tackle by Dragon. If are in for luring those tricky fish that shatter your jigheads and tear apart your soft lures, trust it. We did, and it worked out perfectly.


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